What’s an Entity Extraction

One of the energetic treatments I offer clients in my Shamanic sessions is Entity Extractions.

From the Shamanic view everything has a Spirit which we can connect with.

While some interactions can be very nurturing, however, others can be very draining.

Kinds of Entities

  • There are Tree Spirits, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits but there also exists Spirit of Anxiety, Spirit of Depression, Spirit of Trauma, etc.
  • Harmful Spirit Beings are people who have passed who still cling on to us to live off our energy.
  • Intrusions are negative thought energies that others either blast at us or we pick up when we are in their company.

These Entities and Intrusions dwell within our aura – energetic field – subjecting us to their essence, mood, and feelings. Sucking on our life force.

This maybe why you are feeling unbalanced, tired, and not like your usual self.

In our session we will use energetic orbs and/or stones, aka gnomes (Celtic), or grandfathers (First Nations) to CLEAR and TRANCE-FORM these unwanted energies.

  • Revealing you of these burdens.
  • Replenishing and Balancing your energy.
  • Returning you to your natural emotional state.

If this type of work speaks to you I’d love to work together.

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