What does the WEB in Web Shaman mean?

Shamanism sees humans as an integral part of the Web of Life.

Like life, a web is rarely perfect and that’s OK. The aim is not about achieving perfection but to build acceptance, harmony, balance and a sense of well-being.

We may think the different components of our lives are separate but in reality they are deeply inter-related and interwoven. They each effect our goals, dreams and potential.

Everything’s connected to everything.

We have threads that connect to our past, present and future; that connect our body, mind and soul; that connect all our relationships.

Anytime our connections are compromised or disconnected an imbalance and disharmony is created.

Ask yourself are any of your threads broken, wounded, disconnected, over worked, under used, unhealthy, unloved, under nourished. They will show you where you are feeling stuck and where your blocks are; why you feel scattered, unmotivated and tired; and why you are challenged to fulfill your dreams.

When we re-connect, re-align and plug back in to the Web of Life we will feel lighter, more energized, stronger & more centered, able to see our life purpose & live out their destiny.

Are you ready to weave your dream web?