How Shamanism helps us get Unstuck

We may think our beliefs are in good shape but in reality we are only seeing half the picture. We may not realize that even though our conscious mind does most of the talking and wanting, I want to make lots of money, I will be a success, I want that promotion, but in reality it’s our subconscious mind that’s making the decisions. Our choices are controlled by our emotions. We do things based on how it makes us feel, how we don’t want to feel, and how we think we should feel.

At some point we were told or decided to believe that success is bad, money is evil, money doesn’t bring happiness, you’re not worth anything, what you do doesn’t have value, it’s lonely on the top etc. So no matter how often you tell yourself you want more your subconscious self will do everything in it’s power to protect you from going against these beliefs. So this is why you may find yourself sabotaging things, shrinking away and avoiding opportunities that could bring you more success.

The beauty of Shamanism is that it addresses and heals us at a subconscious level, it helps you find those missing bits that are the real reason you feel stuck. When we bring our hidden plans, you defense mechanisms and wounds up to the surface we can heal them.

Using this Alternative and Holistic Healing Work you can

  • Identify and heal your core issues, around such things are abandonment, betrayal, rejection and a loss of self-worth.
  • Get parts of yourself back you feel that you lost from a person, place or event.
  • Heal your unhealthy relationship with negative or consuming emotions.
  • Heal your self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Call back and reclaim your power and confidence.
  • Attract healthier things and people into your life.
  • Dream your Destiny into being.

When we shift & change our beliefs, drop our baggage & our stories we will feel lighter, more grounded & centered within ourselves. We can then begin living our life’s purpose, fulfill our dreams and live out your destiny.

When we are aligned our body, mind and spirit we can achieve our full potential and this is how you, your career or business will THRIVE!

How I can Help

Would you like to ?

  • Believe you can have a purposeful life where you will feel more valued for who you are and the gifts and talents that you possess.
  • Change your mind set so that you can finally ask to get paid what you are worth? Having more money so you can pay the bills, do more things that bring you joy, buy a home, a new car, go on vacation, support charitable causes, and more.
  • Overcome your doubts and fears so you can feel more confident, kicking procrastination in the butt, so you can go for it! Fulfilling your goals and following your true passions.
  • Unravel and release your sabotaging thoughts and patterns that are holding you back because deep down you know you’re on the right path, you just need to kick out that negative self talker.
  • Create a healthier relationship with success, make more money, aligning yourself with who you are really here to work with. I can see you doing just that attract more opportunities and supportive people into your life.
  • Learn what your Destiny is, this will help you step into your power. Once you are clear there will be no stopping you from dreaming big!