Body Grounding Journey for Empaths

Being Empathic is such a wonderful gift, but without the proper self-care we sensitive people can get very drained.

Empaths often take on, and absorb other people’s emotions, pains, moods and thoughts which can become overwhelming.

Wondering if you are an empath?

Want to find out please check out this PDF 20 Signs You Might Be an Empath

Experiencing and holding on to other peoples stuff can knock us off our center.

If it goes on and we don’t do anything about it we can find ourselves living with anxiety and depression, which may not even be ours in the first place.

As feelers we often are outside ourselves, living in our heads, disconnected to our physical body as we feel and experience the world.

So it’s super important for us to be aware of and in our body as much as we can so we can ward off unwanted energies.

Our body is the temple that houses our Spirit. With weak boundaries and protections our temple becomes too crowded effecting our well being, and health stopping us from doing what we can here to do.

But this doesn’t have to be our way.

The Meditation Journey

One practice I’ve found that has helped me and is key to keeping me balanced and centered is grounding work, especially body grounding work.

I am a helper. I am an empath. So i know what it’s like. Which is why I created the following grounding meditation journey for my fellow sensitive ones, empaths, intuitive beings, helpers, healers, and deep feelers.

When we connect and fully inhabit your body we become more present, centered and strong enabling us to continue on our path in helping and supporting those that need us.


When I was creating this audio was called to add Light Language to the recording. This was a totally a new experience for me 🙂 As I channeled the language I trusted the process it was strange and beautiful at the same time. LOL

What is Light Language you ask.

Light Language is a communication that resonates with and connects with the Soul. It is a channeled cosmic language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages – interpreted by the heart, and speaks familiarity to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. This allows you to consume information differently by expanding your senses. The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave, shifting your frequency to expand your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity.

I hope you enjoy it. Please share with anyone who you feel might need it.

Thanks for listening.

Blessings to you all,