What’s an Entity Extraction

One of the energetic treatments I offer clients in my Shamanic sessions is Entity Extractions.

From the Shamanic view everything has a Spirit which we can connect with.

While some interactions can be very nurturing, however, others can be very draining.

Kinds of Entities

  • There are Tree Spirits, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits but there also exists Spirit of Anxiety, Spirit of Depression, Spirit of Trauma, etc.
  • Harmful Spirit Beings are people who have passed who still cling on to us to live off our energy.
  • Intrusions are negative thought energies that others either blast at us or we pick up when we are in their company.

These Entities and Intrusions dwell within our aura – energetic field – subjecting us to their essence, mood, and feelings. Sucking on our life force.

This maybe why you are feeling unbalanced, tired, and not like your usual self.

In our session we will use energetic orbs and/or stones, aka gnomes (Celtic), or grandfathers (First Nations) to CLEAR and TRANCE-FORM these unwanted energies.

  • Revealing you of these burdens.
  • Replenishing and Balancing your energy.
  • Returning you to your natural emotional state.

If this type of work speaks to you I’d love to work together.

Take the next step by booking your session today.

Body Grounding Journey for Empaths

Being Empathic is such a wonderful gift, but without the proper self-care we sensitive people can get very drained.

Empaths often take on, and absorb other people’s emotions, pains, moods and thoughts which can become overwhelming.

Wondering if you are an empath?

Want to find out please check out this PDF 20 Signs You Might Be an Empath

Experiencing and holding on to other peoples stuff can knock us off our center.

If it goes on and we don’t do anything about it we can find ourselves living with anxiety and depression, which may not even be ours in the first place.

As feelers we often are outside ourselves, living in our heads, disconnected to our physical body as we feel and experience the world.

So it’s super important for us to be aware of and in our body as much as we can so we can ward off unwanted energies.

Our body is the temple that houses our Spirit. With weak boundaries and protections our temple becomes too crowded effecting our well being, and health stopping us from doing what we can here to do.

But this doesn’t have to be our way.

The Meditation Journey

One practice I’ve found that has helped me and is key to keeping me balanced and centered is grounding work, especially body grounding work.

I am a helper. I am an empath. So i know what it’s like. Which is why I created the following grounding meditation journey for my fellow sensitive ones, empaths, intuitive beings, helpers, healers, and deep feelers.

When we connect and fully inhabit your body we become more present, centered and strong enabling us to continue on our path in helping and supporting those that need us.


When I was creating this audio was called to add Light Language to the recording. This was a totally a new experience for me 🙂 As I channeled the language I trusted the process it was strange and beautiful at the same time. LOL

What is Light Language you ask.

Light Language is a communication that resonates with and connects with the Soul. It is a channeled cosmic language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages – interpreted by the heart, and speaks familiarity to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. This allows you to consume information differently by expanding your senses. The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave, shifting your frequency to expand your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity.

I hope you enjoy it. Please share with anyone who you feel might need it.

Thanks for listening.

Blessings to you all,

How Shamanism helps us get Unstuck

We may think our beliefs are in good shape but in reality we are only seeing half the picture. We may not realize that even though our conscious mind does most of the talking and wanting, I want to make lots of money, I will be a success, I want that promotion, but in reality it’s our subconscious mind that’s making the decisions. Our choices are controlled by our emotions. We do things based on how it makes us feel, how we don’t want to feel, and how we think we should feel.

At some point we were told or decided to believe that success is bad, money is evil, money doesn’t bring happiness, you’re not worth anything, what you do doesn’t have value, it’s lonely on the top etc. So no matter how often you tell yourself you want more your subconscious self will do everything in it’s power to protect you from going against these beliefs. So this is why you may find yourself sabotaging things, shrinking away and avoiding opportunities that could bring you more success.

The beauty of Shamanism is that it addresses and heals us at a subconscious level, it helps you find those missing bits that are the real reason you feel stuck. When we bring our hidden plans, you defense mechanisms and wounds up to the surface we can heal them.

Using this Alternative and Holistic Healing Work you can

  • Identify and heal your core issues, around such things are abandonment, betrayal, rejection and a loss of self-worth.
  • Get parts of yourself back you feel that you lost from a person, place or event.
  • Heal your unhealthy relationship with negative or consuming emotions.
  • Heal your self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Call back and reclaim your power and confidence.
  • Attract healthier things and people into your life.
  • Dream your Destiny into being.

When we shift & change our beliefs, drop our baggage & our stories we will feel lighter, more grounded & centered within ourselves. We can then begin living our life’s purpose, fulfill our dreams and live out your destiny.

When we are aligned our body, mind and spirit we can achieve our full potential and this is how you, your career or business will THRIVE!

How I can Help

Would you like to ?

  • Believe you can have a purposeful life where you will feel more valued for who you are and the gifts and talents that you possess.
  • Change your mind set so that you can finally ask to get paid what you are worth? Having more money so you can pay the bills, do more things that bring you joy, buy a home, a new car, go on vacation, support charitable causes, and more.
  • Overcome your doubts and fears so you can feel more confident, kicking procrastination in the butt, so you can go for it! Fulfilling your goals and following your true passions.
  • Unravel and release your sabotaging thoughts and patterns that are holding you back because deep down you know you’re on the right path, you just need to kick out that negative self talker.
  • Create a healthier relationship with success, make more money, aligning yourself with who you are really here to work with. I can see you doing just that attract more opportunities and supportive people into your life.
  • Learn what your Destiny is, this will help you step into your power. Once you are clear there will be no stopping you from dreaming big!

What does the WEB in Web Shaman mean?

Shamanism sees humans as an integral part of the Web of Life.

Like life, a web is rarely perfect and that’s OK. The aim is not about achieving perfection but to build acceptance, harmony, balance and a sense of well-being.

We may think the different components of our lives are separate but in reality they are deeply inter-related and interwoven. They each effect our goals, dreams and potential.

Everything’s connected to everything.

We have threads that connect to our past, present and future; that connect our body, mind and soul; that connect all our relationships.

Anytime our connections are compromised or disconnected an imbalance and disharmony is created.

Ask yourself are any of your threads broken, wounded, disconnected, over worked, under used, unhealthy, unloved, under nourished. They will show you where you are feeling stuck and where your blocks are; why you feel scattered, unmotivated and tired; and why you are challenged to fulfill your dreams.

When we re-connect, re-align and plug back in to the Web of Life we will feel lighter, more energized, stronger & more centered, able to see our life purpose & live out their destiny.

Are you ready to weave your dream web?

Getting Unstuck: Defense Mechanism Revealed

I journeyed to a challenging place yesterday. I went to see my Lower Self so they would reveal to me, help me understand and heal my defense mechanism I used to cope with my struggles with never having enough money.

This is an issue I rarely share with people, I pretend like everything’s OK because of my fears and limiting belief. I believed that as a self employed person I should never tell anyone that I struggle with making money. I feared that no one would want my business if they knew I was not a complete success.

The journey showed me what, why and how I got stuck.

I was shown I keep myself in a place of lack so I would be accepted by my family and friends. There was a fear of rejection as well as a deep need to be loved. I believed that if I got rich or successful I would no longer be able to be a part of my family circle. The message was stay small, ordinary and mediocre and you will be liked, loved and accepted. Don’t get too big.

All this was healed, transformed, thanked and honored for bringing me to this point but I am now ready to live out the healing and do the work.

A new mechanism was created, which I have stepped into and made part of me. I have a new set of beliefs around success and money. I am no longer afraid of rejection. I now believe the more I grow so will my circle of friends and family.

I have arrived at a place where I feel more grounded and open to be myself.

So thank you Lower Self for showing me the answers, the teachings and the profound healing.

So yes Lower Self “I will stop holding on to things”

Chi Meegwetch

Join my Fanny Pack Revolution!

Alternative Healers are often called Light Workers.

The Light usually referring to the energy we work with. But I see this title in a another light (hehe sorry for the pun).

I often hear from my clients when asked after a session how they feel they say, “Lighter”.

So yes I am a Light Worker. I help clients feel lighter. How? The work I do helps removes dark heavy energy from the energy bodies (Physical. mental, emotional and Spiritual). Also as importantly is how it bring into the light our past wounds, those painful and un-forgiven events that we are still carrying and holding on to. It is when we bring them into the light, we can heal them, learn from them and let them go.

If we see these wound as personal baggage we soon realize over time, long or short, that we have gathered more than we can carry, the load has become very heavy, almost unbearable.

As we all know as we move through life hurtful things can happen to us, and unless we deal with and heal them at that moment they tend to stick around.  We often store them some place and say we will take care of it at a later time.  But life tends to push us forward and we don’t do anything with the hurt but carry it with us.

Be simple, don’t carry the baggage of the past, open your hands, and let it go.
– Debasish Mridha

So does this sound familiar?

You carrying all these bags, perhaps you have so many that you now need cart to hold them all. You wonder why you feel so weighed down, not realizing how much you have accumulated, taken on, feel obliged to carrying. We don’t get them all at once since gradually added one at a time. Now unaware why you are finding it a challenge to move forward, to reach your goals or your dreams. You feel STUCK right? It’s because you haven’t realized how heavy the load has become.

So are your ready to get lighter? You know you don’t have to carry them anymore. It’s my passion, my duty as a healer you can say, to help and be of service to you all and support you to to drop those bags.

So let’s try on something new! I would like to inspire you to trade in all those heavy bags for a fanny pack.

Yes, a fanny pack! You remember those? Cheesy as they are, especially if you were a kid of the 80s and 90s, you’ll think so.  Funny thing is, they are making a come back AND I believe they are coming back for a purpose.

Fanny packs are great! They are light, carry just the essential and are hands free.

So if you are ready to join my fanny pack revolution, contact me, book a session to get started on lightening your load, free yourself from the past, get unstuck and fulfill your goals, dreams and live out your destiny. I would love to work with you, contact me today!.


Fanny Pack

by Jennifer Jasvinder Malisauskas

Fanny Pack
Oh Fanny Pack
You may be really wack
But you do more for me
Than any other accessory
You carry the small stuff
Stuff I can handle
Those big things have always been a gamble
Never knowing when they will stop me
When they will come out
Screaming and Shouting, victim erupt
You are light and usually tacky and bright
How I’ve always dreamed my life to be
Merry, fun, corny and full of serendipity!

Living my life as a Yo-Yo

“Whether or not you know it, you are looking for two things. First, for things to change. Second, for everything to remain the same. You can only have one.” ~ Pete Bernard

I came across this post on Facebook by my Shaman teacher Pete Bernard and it got me thinking. This is definitely why I am stuck and struggle in certain areas of my life. As I was thinking about it the thought of a yo-yo popped into my head. Wow, I live my life as a yo-yo.

Ya a Yo-Yo, as in the the toy!

yo-yo (ˈyōˌyō/)
noun: a toy consisting of a pair of joined discs with a deep groove between them in which string is attached and wound, which can be spun alternately downward and upward by its weight and momentum as the string unwinds and rewinds.

I feel safe when I come back to the hand and scared when I’m let go. At times I do get courageous and put myself out there. I have been working on overcoming my fears, doubts, limiting beliefs by doing the very things that scare me and keep me stuck but I find myself easily retracing back to where I feel safe.

I struggle with my pattern of taking one step forward, three steps back. A large part of me recognizes this old pattern when it’s happening, and at the same time I realize it does not support my dreams and goals. I ask myself how can I evolve, grow, change, succeed and fulfill my dreams, if I keep running away back to that place where I believe I won’t get hurt.

Does retracting back up the string take more energy than rolling down it I wonder. It’s all my fears, doubts, worries, low self worth that propel me back up the string, but it’s the excitement of my potential, desires and dreams that encourage me ride down it.

So why do I keep wanting to return back up to that lovely hand? Is it my fear of fulfilling my potential, or a form of self care?

I guess for that moment it’s scary putting myself in the the unknown as I just hover there at the bottom of the string. Letting myself be seen, being vulnerable, taking a risk, believing in myself that makes me uncomfortable. I’ve come to realize I haven’t let myself travel down the string very often so perhaps I’m just not good at it yet. Is it a question of just practicing, building my spiritual strength? Is coming back up my way of resting and recuperating for my next journey down?

If yo-yoing resemble the ebb and flow of life, then when I stay in the hand longer than I do at the bottom of the string then I’m not in that flow. I’m not really a yo-yo anymore. Then it’s more of a question of creating Balance.

But thinking about what Pete says, “You can only have one.” So what are my options? I can create a few knots along the string preventing me from ever rolling down again, unusable and unplayable, no thank you that would be letting my wounds win. Or I can cut the string to never return to the safe hand. Is this the only way forwarding? To not be a yo-yo anymore.

LOL I’d just be a pair of joined wooden discs. Hmmm would that be so bad? I would be able to roll forward along a new path with nothing to pull me back. Now that’s interesting!



You hold me so close
Afraid to let me loose
Can’t you feel I want to go
To shed all that I know

As I fall I wonder where it will stop
As I move down I’m afraid of the drop
But as I hover and don’t spin
I can see everything that’s within

In that moment of stillness
I find and see my true likeness
But you pull me back up with a yank
A part of me reluctantly says thanks

As I climb quickly up away from this bliss
I have time to feel everything that I have missed
Now back in the so called safe place
I find it hard to pretend every things OK

Why don’t you cut me loose
What scares you so that you are unwilling to let go
You feel it’s easier to just put me away
And only pull me out when you are ready to play

Let’s cut the cord and start a fresh
We both know that it’s all for the best
The friendship we had wasn’t all that bad
I’ve learned so much with the time we had