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What’s an Entity Extraction

One of the energetic treatments I offer clients in my Shamanic sessions is Entity Extractions. From the Shamanic view everything has a Spirit which we can connect with. While some interactions can be very nurturing, however, others can be very draining. Kinds of Entities There are Tree Spirits, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits but there also […]

Want to Change your Debilitating Emotional Patterns? Try the P.A.L.M. Method

The P.A.L.M Method is a Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tool that helps us shift, manage and change our debilitating emotional patterns. We all know the dis-empowering emotions that we experience in our life. That could be anger, sadness, anxiety, depression. This EQ technique develops your self-awareness so you can take steps to understanding your emotional patterns., […]

What is Soul Loss?

Do any of these describe you? “I’m not all here” “Dispirited” “Spaced out” “Sleepwalking through life” “Powerless to move away from an healthy situation” “Haven’t come out of it yet” “Part of me is still with him or her” The basic premise is that whenever we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence (Soul) […]

How Shamanism helps us get Unstuck

We may think our beliefs are in good shape but in reality we are only seeing half the picture. We may not realize that even though our conscious mind does most of the talking and wanting, I want to make lots of money, I will be a success, I want that promotion, but in reality […]

Divine Musings ~ April 16, 2018

This was the day that I put pen to paper and trusted what came through. I was amazed how fluid things landed on the paper, not perfect but some are delightfully interesting.   CROSS Invisible lines never to cross Who made them you ask Why you of course! FLYING Trees blow the breeze by leaves […]